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Our name is taken from the hawaiian Huna philosophy. The first principle of the philosophy is IKE. IKE says the world is what you think it is.

Hands of God - Ręce Boga

Slavic Symbol -20 x 20 cm

Hands of God - Slavic Symbol It is a work begening a cycle showing Slavic Symbols. The cycle is inspired Slavic Faith.

The poetic description in polish wrote
Natalia Shah.



 Bogowie mówią


Wyciągnij swe ręce na cztery strony świata

Wyciągnij ze swojego środka

Wyciągnij szeroko


Rozłóż palce szeroko
na północy

Rozłóż szeroko palce
na południu

Rozłóż swe palce
na wschodzie i na zachodzie



Ty jesteś środkiem

It is a work begening a cycle showing Slavic symbols. The cycle is inspired Slavic Faith.



Living Room

Children's Room

In the office they will increase your creativity and inspire interesting ideas.


In the living room they will improve your mood and give you positive energy to complete all your plans.

In the children's room they will put a smile on your children's faces and arouse their curiosity about the world.

In the bed room they will help you relax after a hard day.


The world as seen through the eyes of imagination

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